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Introducing the newest addition to the bird family, stella! This giant soft alsoanish toy is sure to please any and all animal enthusiasts. With over 7" of circumference, this stuffed toy is potential animal heaven. Whether you're a big fan of animals or just want to cuddle with your favorite character, this toy is just the ticket!

Angry bird Stella 7'' plush

Angry bird Stella 7'' plush

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This is a brand new usa seller angry birds stella toy. She is a new soft and cozy toy for your birds. Her name is willow and she is a great asset to your bird house. She is going to make your birds smile and smile because she is so happy. She is a great toy to play with and for your birds to be happy about. the bird plush toys are the perfect way to represent the cute animals in your child's life. This set includes a banjo-kazooie game pad and a plush toy banjo. The toy has beena available as a collector's item and is now available as a rareware nintendo 64 figure. This set is perfect for years 5-8 of your child's life where as this set is age 8-12. this 5-plush stuffed toy is the perfect addition to any angry birds machine, and is sure to get in on the fun! The yellow bird is covered in graphics and markings, and has been characterful of the game with every new release! This one is ready to roll on the clouds with! this is a big and soft bird plush toy that is perfect for little kids who love to play with fire! The pokmons are some of the most cute and cute animals out there, so the toy has lots ofqq features to make it extra fun! The toy is the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to your child's playtime.